Borrowing & Fees

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Fines are charged for lost or late materials. On the due date, items returned to the building after closing or returned to a Remote Book Drop after 1 pm are considered late.

Loan Periods

Item Type Loan Period
Art-to-Go 8 weeks
Book Club Kits 6 weeks
Books, Audiobooks, Nonfiction DVD, Music CD, Books with Discs, Toys, Storytime Kits, Audio Player 3 weeks
Express Books 2 weeks
DVDs, Video Games, Magazines, Laptops, DVD Player, Video Camera, Hotspots 1 week
Express DVDs 2 days
Giant Chess/Checkers 1 day

Staff may request a photo ID to confirm identity when checking out equipment.


Item Type Renewals
Most books, CDs, toys, and adult nonfiction DVDs 2
DVDs, Video Games, Magazines, NEW Items 1
Art-to-Go, Equipment, Holiday items, Express Items, Reserved Items 0

After an item has been renewed the maximum number of times, it must be checked in and shelved before it is available to the same cardholder.


The overall limit for borrowing items is 75 per person. Most items don’t have limits. Those with exceptions are:

Item Type Limits
Art-To-Go, Express DVDs, Video Games 2 per type
Book Club Kits, Laptop, Audio Player, DVD Player, Video Camera, Giant Chess/Checkers, Hotspot, Laptop/Hotspot Bundle 1 per type

A borrower may not present multiple cards to increase the number of items he or she is allowed to take.


Item Type Fines per day Maximum fine
Most items $0.25 $7.50
Express DVDs, Audio Players, DVD Player, Video Camera, Giant Chess/Checkers $1 $10
Laptops, Hotspots, Laptop/Hotspot Bundle $5 $10

If you reach $10 or more in unpaid fines, you won’t be able to check out or reserve any items until the fine is paid. Fines can be paid in-person or online by logging into your account and selecting Pay Online.